Blair Holder –  Why did I want to be a Pampered Chef Consultant? When my infant son got really ill, I pulled him out of daycare and made a hard decision to quit my job at ultimate gymnastics. But I had to do something. I decided to give direct sales a try. I knew I didn’t do candles, makeup, or jewelry a lot, but I like to cook and so did my husband, as he went to culinary school before the military. Much to my friend’s surprise I came to her and wanted to sign up.

I have my high and lows, but I’m enjoying every moment of it.
I started in late February/March of 2013. My first host posted on the local wives page that she was looking for a PC consultant to do a party. I have great friends! They all recommended me although I just started! My very first show almost didn’t happen. She wanted to cancel because only one person was coming. I asked her if I could do it for my experience. I booked my second show with the only person who came. A past co-worker got my feet wet on how to do a virtual party.

Fast forward 2 years and learning to do the business overseas in Belgium has been fun. The time change has been difficult but doable. I take every small victory or failure, it’s just one piece of a larger puzzle. Stepping stones to greatness.We start at 20% commission with the ability to make 31% each month and have awesome rewards every month. I’ve gained free product along with great clients and friends. We don’t carry stock. I have a great support system that I can borrow an item to use if I need it or purchase it at up to 50% off. I write off my groceries used to practice the recipes. I love bringing my family and others back around the table with great products that make cooking fun again.

I challenge you to ask a Pampered Chef host if they are happy with their products. 9/10 will say they are.

I’ve had hosts say they are sorry they didn’t have more people come or sales, but that’s not what my focus is. I like to focus on what makes my hosts happy. Saving money on excellent quality products is one and did they have fun? Would they refer me to their friends? How was my customer service?

I love my job and I have gone back to coaching gymnastics as well, my other love. ♡ Hence (flippingholder)

I will keep my eyes peeled for those who would like to join me on this journey, as hosts or team members. I will be your coach, friend and cheerleader.

Have a great day and be amazing!

Marsha Loverso – My name is Marsha Loverso. I am a retired Nurse. I spent 22 years as Assistant Director of Nursing in a state Psychiatric Hospital . My duties included supervisory and training of Nursing Department employees. After retirement I decided to follow my second passion in life. I love my furry babies – dogs and cats! As I was reading about my furry friends I noticed that dogs and cats are similar to humans in the areas of wellness and illness. I decided to develop a website to educate pet parents on issues relative to their pets. I added a “Your Pet Featured” on the site. And finally I have links to quality pet supply stores!, as well as General shopping stores like Amazon, Walmart, and ITunes. The goal is efficiency. Read , Learn, and shop ! Please visit my website  or find me on facebook at Lovin My Pup!


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