When We Were Kind

This poem was written by a young man who is 23 years old and who has suffered homelessness for far too much of his young life, wrote this poem 7 yrs ago when he was only 16:

“When We Were Kind”
There is a time,
that i remember.
When we were kind,
and much more tender.
When kids could laugh,
and dance! and sing!
And even hear,
the church bells ring.
But now our world,
is cold and evil.
Its full of war,
and raw upheaval.
We used to laugh,
and dance, and sing.
and talk about,
the little things.
but what should you care,
you’re fine you say!
the world keeps on turning anyway.
or are you blind?
Can you not read,
between the black lines?
This world is gross,
its fucking nasty.
I just cant believe,
we got this trashy.
They’re killing babies,
there’s homicide.
There’s pestilence,
and genocide.
But you all say,
this shit needs to stop.
But two weeks later
you already forgot
Can you not see
there is children dying
Their fathers mourning,
their mothers crying
But rather try help,
and stop the crisis.
You just sit on your ass,
and obsess over isis.
But hey dont worry,
I got this covered.
By showing real love,
to one another.
And as you lay sleeping,
at rest in your bed.
There’s a homeless war hero,
who got shot in the head.
There’s 12 year old’s fuckin’,
out givin some head.
Thinking its true love,
but just a baby instead.
Whats wrong with you people,
cant you see this aint right?
Like going into battle,
and losing the fight!
I write this with love,
not spite nor with anger.
But its not hard to see,
that you are the langer.
Its love that I wish for,
perhaps some humanity.
To stop all the wars,
and the constant profanity.
Why is it hard,
to love one another?
We may not be blood,
but to me we are brothers..
To whoever might read this,
don’t shut it away.
Let’s make this world safe,
for our babies to play.
Because, there is a time
that i do remember
When we were all kind,
and a little more tender.
written by
Aj Wiseman

So, I ask all of you, while we’re cutting off foodstamps & benefits for young adults w/ addictions & other life problems because they’re flunking their drug tests – maybe ONLY testing positive for marijuana – which shouldn’t even be illegal in the first place – WHO THE HELL IS PROVIDING FOR THEIR CHILDREN?
&, while their children are slipping thru the cracks – desperately trying to find ways to feed themselves & survive – getting sexually preyed upon by MOSTLY White Upper Socio-Economic Class Males – the highly privileged w/ money & time – WHO THE HELL IS ARRESTING & PROSECUTING THEM?
And, yet, this young survivor can STILL see the good in people & in life: “Because, there is a time
that i do remember
When we were all kind,
and a little more tender.”


Special Thanks for this post: AJ Wiseman and the Homeless Hairy Hippie!


Read more about the Homeless Hairy Hippie @ http://wp.me/p8C5Bi-m

Originally posted 2017-06-28 16:09:13.

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